élos Healthcare: Patient Care Outside Practice Walls & Remote Monitoring Excellence

At élos Healthcare, we revolutionize Outpatient Remote Monitoring beyond traditional boundaries by delivering it directly to their doorstep. 
Designed specifically for Multi-Speciality Outpatient Practices nationwide, our services are carefully tailored to address the changing requirements of patients dealing with chronic diseases.

With Outpatient Remote Monitoring, our team guarantees that distance and convenience never compromise the quality of patient’s remote care received. Embrace the transformative potential of patient-centric Mobile Health (mHealth) technologies, allowing us to become your healthcare partner in health and well-being.

Why Choose élos Healthcare?

1. Patient Access: We offer cellular-connected devices that guarantee uninterrupted monitoring, even in remote regions, thereby broadening access to care for all patients.

2. Value-Based Care: By leveraging our RPM Managed resources, healthcare providers can maximize your revenue streams through Medicare reimbursements.

3. Patient-Centric Care: Our RPM Managed services take the burden off your team, allowing you to focus entirely on patient care & growth while we handle the monitoring and managed services.

4. Patient Data Security: Our solution prioritizes patient privacy and security, offering seamless data transmission to our HIPAA-compliant cloud.

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élos Healthcare provides efficient remote patient monitoring, managed services, chronic disease management, and delivers improved health outcomes and financial return on investment on a large scale.

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Our Flagship Services

Medicare Reimbursed CPT Codes

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients managing chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Failure, COPD, or CKD can access our state-of-the-art FDA-cleared RPM devices at no charge. These devices transmit real-time data, including blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, expiratory flow, and blood glucose levels, conveniently from home. Our team of licensed nurses diligently monitors patient readings and promptly intervenes if thresholds set by healthcare providers are exceeded. Enroll in our RPM service today to enjoy personalized Outpatient Remote Monitoring. Your health and well-being are our utmost priorities.

Medicare Reimbursed CPT Codes

Remote Patient Managed Services

Why go through the hassle of visiting a clinic when Remote Patient (RP) Managed care can come to you? With our RP Managed services, experience comprehensive Outpatient Monitoring without leaving home. We provide robust support to healthcare providers throughout the patient’s Outpatient Remote Monitoring program journey. From patient identification to remote onboarding oversight, we combine programmatic expertise with clinical insights to guarantee your success. Say farewell to crowded waiting rooms, and welcome personalized RP Managed care in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to schedule your appointment, and let us bring managed Outpatient Monitoring directly to you.

No syncing. No apps. It just works

RPM Platform, Devices & Connectivity

FDA-approved Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices utilize integrated cellular-connected LTE-M network technology, offering a cost-effective, long-range, low-power, and low-data solution. These devices automatically store real-time data on élos Healthcare’s cloud, simplifying the reimbursement process for healthcare providers. Patients can choose from a curated selection of RPM devices featuring easy one-button operation, transmitting readings directly to the RPM Provider dashboard.

Better Clinical Decisions

Seamless Health System EMR Integrations

élos Healthcare integrates seamlessly with leading EHRs or can be deployed as a standalone system. It merges patient-generated health data from medical devices with pertinent clinical data to generate patient-specific insights and actions.


Remote Patient Monitoring

At élos Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing exceptional Outpatient Remote Monitoring no matter where you are. Through our RPM Services, patients receive the same level of care they would in person, all from the comfort of their homes. By incorporating mHealth technologies, we help you attain your outpatient practice goals effortlessly.

Outpatient Remote Monitoring :
Full Health Surveillance

+ Customized Monitoring Devices: Patients with chronic illnesses eligible for RPM are equipped with personalized monitoring devices. These devices facilitate the scheduling and monitoring of vital signs metrics, endorsed by their healthcare provider.

+ RN Continous Attention: Licensed nurses diligently monitor vital signs continuously for all patients on the RPM platform, ensuring compliance with Medicare billable guidelines. Guide patients towards the most appropriate actions based on the vital sign alerts, resulting in enhanced health outcomes.

+ Constant Provider Access: Whether your patients have questions or concerns regarding your provider’s treatment plan, our licensed nurses are available. Additionally, based on vital sign readings, provider can engage in two-way interactive communication for a limited time.

+ Preventive Chronic Disease Management: By closely monitoring patient’s vital signs, our goal is to detect potential health issues early, allowing for timely interventions and improved health outcomes.

+ Facilitates Time Tracking for Billing and Auditing: For outpatient practices intending to bill for Remote Patient Monitoring services, the élos Healthcare platform facilitates time tracking and comprehensive documentation for billing and auditing purposes.

+ Focuses on Your Most Critical Patients: élos Healthcare software generates patient-specific notifications, clinical insights, and actions based on the historical RPM readings from the patient’s medical devices.

Embracing the Future of Outpatient Remote Monitoring 

The future is mHealth technologies, and with élos Healthcare’s Remote Monitoring Services, you no longer have to compromise between convenience and quality. We deliver world-class Outpatient Remote Monitoring directly to your screen, eliminating the barrier of distance. Join us in shaping a healthier tomorrow, starting today.

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Remote Patient Managed Services

At the intersection of longevity and quality of life, élos Healthcare thrives. We firmly believe that access to high-quality Outpatient Monitoring should never be restricted by location or mobility. That’s why we’ve crafted our Remote Patient Managed Services, guaranteeing that both our outpatient practices and their patients receive top-tier medical attention within the comfort of their own homes.

Managed RPM Services:
Personalized Care in the Comfort of Your Own Space

+ Patient Recognition: We help identify patients ideal for RPM. We engage with patients to offer RPM education. We manage and arrange the onboarding process for patients.

+ Smooth Patient Onboarding: Customized in-home patient education sessions. Team collaborates closely with healthcare providers to assess and qualify patients for RPM participation.

+ Clinical Monitoring Expertise: Licensed nurses with expert clinical knowledge to mitigate unnecessary escalations. Adaptive staffing strategies reduce costs while enhancing monthly recurring revenue. Detailed educational materials and organized onboarding sessions provide remote support and guidance.

+ Device Delivery: Dedicated staff for the registration and tracking of medical devices. Seamless direct shipment of user-friendly devices to patients’ residences. Convenient instructional videos accessible to guide patients in setting up and utilizing the devices effortlessly.

+ Monthly Business Evaluation: Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to drive the growth of the RPM program. Monthly individual sessions to review past results and pinpoint future opportunities. Exclusive access to trial and integrate new platform enhancements, services, and features.

Our staff is available to assist yours

+ Simplify administrative tasks: Your staff can concentrate on in-person requirements and prevent burnout, all while ensuring consistent oversight of all patients.

+ Minimize unnecessary hospital admissions: Identify and address worsening conditions promptly, reducing the necessity for intervention from your clinical team.

Revitalizing Custom, Reassessing Experience

With élos Healthcare Remote Managed Care Services, we’re not only offering outpatient care; we’re rejuvenating the age-old practice of house calls. However, we’re infusing it with a contemporary approach by combining advanced Outpatient Remote Monitoring techniques with the warmth and comfort of home. Immerse yourself in a healthcare experience that’s both compassionate and proficient.

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Health Systems

Offer your patients world-class care in the comfort of their homes.

élos Healthcare functions as an extension of your clinicians and staff, bridging gaps in care for chronic diseases, minimizing readmissions, and enhancing long-term outcomes.

We’re here to assist you in extending care to patients within the comfort of their homes.

+ Prevent staff burnout: With the assistance of our top-tier licensed nurse teams, your staff can dedicate their attention to patients with acute, in-person needs.

+ Scalable, yet personal: élos Healthcare can simultaneously provide care to multiple patients as they grow, with our clinicians routinely engaging in 1:1 interactions with your patients. They intervene as needed and offer program guidance.

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Our Team

élos Healthcare

At élos Healthcare, we take pride to be based in Fresno, California and our dedication to serving Outpatient Remote Monitoring practices nationwide. Our devoted team is dedicated to delivering innovative RPM and Managed Services. Driven by a comprehensive vision, our leadership leverages state-of-the-art technology, extensive healthcare knowledge, and strategic partnerships to foster a pioneering Patient-Centered Outcomes journey.

Our Vision

élos Healthcare was established with a vision to embrace the joy of stress-free provider care and promote patient longevity through the latest advancements in modern technology. Our objective is to transform the patient healthcare experience by enhancing accessibility, personalization, and proactivity.

Our Goals:

1. Reducing Hospital Admissions: Through vigilant monitoring and management of chronic health conditions, our goal is to detect and address potential health issues to providers even before noticeable symptoms arise.

2. Healthier Individuals: Access to daily vital data enables prompt treatment adjustments or interventions, keeping you informed about patient progress and enabling continuous care delivery.

3. Elevate Provider Practice: Assist outpatient practices in achieving positive financial outcomes, providing access to specialized care in remote areas, ensuring timely diagnosis of chronic diseases, and contributing to the overall growth of practice.

Forging a New Trail

We are more than just a Outpatient Remote Monitoring service; we are innovaters. By streamlining the cherished model of Outpatient Monitoring for chronic diseases, élos Healthcare aims to reinstate the personalized care and trust embedded in the healthcare provider-patient relationship. By incorporating the advancements of modern technology, we guarantee that our care is not only personal but also precise and efficient.

Come Along on This Journey

With élos Healthcare, you’re not simply selecting a Outpatient Remote Monitoring service; you’re selecting a partner in your medical practice journey. A partner that supports you, comprehends you, and consistently strives for your well-being. Embrace a Outpatient Monitoring experience that’s uniquely tailored for you.

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From Our Blog:

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Healthcare: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions
Jonathan G.


Beth, the Executive of RPM Solutions, is exceptional. She consistently checks in with me on a weekly basis, providing invaluable tips on monitoring my mother’s blood pressure using the approved BP monitor from my doctor. Beth promptly alerts me when my mother’s vital signs exceed the threshold and investigates the cause before informing my medical doctor. I am extremely satisfied with the service and believe it will be beneficial for my father as well.

Capterra User


élos Healthcare has been like the missing piece of the puzzle in our partnership journey. Their responsiveness, empathy, and unwavering commitment to prioritizing patient care have truly stood out. The platform’s features are thoughtfully designed to support both patients and healthcare professionals, without any unnecessary complexities. I highly, highly recommend élos Healthcare.

Dr. Har C, M.D.


Our patients love that élos Healthcare’s RPM is keeping it friendly, simple, and easy—No download. No apps. It just works; they put cuff, and just press Start button to take their blood pressure twice a day in less than 40 seconds.

Paddy A.


The nurses are incredibly kind; they make weekly calls to ensure I’m doing well and follow up when I miss my readings. Lisa has been instrumental in helping me achieve the blood pressure readings my doctor recommended. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to others. Thank you!